I'm a Art Director/ Surface Designer, born and raised in Valencia, Venezuela, (I'm the mix of a Spanish father and an Italian/Venezuelan mother) after getting my Advertising Degree, I moved to Madrid, Spain where I studied Art Direction and Digital Marketing at Creactiva. 

I´ve always loved graphic design and textiles, wanting to know more about textiles and digital printing, I attended Circulo Textil de Madrid where I learned and fell in love with the textile world.

I'm a visual communicator, passionate of graphic design and fashion, I soon noticed that textiles and surfaces were the perfect match for me.

I specialize on Art Direction, Branding, Graphic and pattern design for digital textile printing.

As a creative person I love the art of communicating, that's why I usually manage projects from design to video and storytelling, it's not unusual to find me behind the camera!

You can say I'm overly sensitive to visual stimulus and color is a huge factor in my life.-

I Love music my fav playlist: