Elena Camps | Elena Camps | Art Director-Creative Design
Elena Camps, Art Director
design, art, designer, advertising, artist, illustration, illustrator, video
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http://mareeco.com/lookbook/round/ I’m a Art Director/ Surface Designer, born and raised in Valencia, Venezuela, (I’m the mix of a Spanish father and an Italian/Venezuelan mother) after getting my Advertising Degree, I moved to Madrid, Spain where I studied Art Direction and Digital Marketing at Creactiva.

source site I´ve always loved graphic design and textiles, wanting to know more about textiles and digital printing, I attended Circulo Textil de Madrid where I learned and fell in love with the textile world.

I’m a visual communicator, passionate of graphic design and fashion, I soon noticed that textiles and surfaces were the perfect match for me.

I specialize on Art Direction, Branding, Graphic and pattern design for digital textile printing.

As a creative person I love the art of communicating, that’s why I usually manage projects from design to video and storytelling, it’s not unusual to find me behind the camera!

get link You can say I’m overly sensitive to visual stimulus and color is a huge factor in my life.-